"SEEK has been a true partner of our since 2013! We knew in 2013 we, as an organization, needed to make major changes with the ever changing workforce and environment. We needed to find a partner who was up for that challenge and whom would help us through it. SEEK stuck by us, they are thinkers! They truly think outside of the box to find fixes and solutions, they are flexible and excellent at communicating with our team. We are thankful we were able to partner with and maintain our relationship with SEEK through the ever changing world of staffing." 

~ Kelly Leith, HR Manager, Lakeside Plastics, Inc.

"SEEK Careers/Staffing has always come through with Jarp in placing skilled trade candidates with our company. Communication is open and honest with quick feedback."

~ MyJo Hang

"SEEK has been an outstanding partner in providing qualified candidates in a very timely manner. Wendy and Bob are right on top of filling our open positions, resolving problems as the come up and assisting in any manner that is needed or requested. Their guidance has been invaluable through our hiring process and ongoing. I enjoy working with all of the outstanding staff at SEEK."

~Linda Laehr, HR Generalist at Metalcraft of Mayville
















Communication is excellent” “On top of everything” “Go extra mile on administrative things”  

~ Joel Kruszka, Pace Industries, Human Resources Manager


"Since contacting SEEK Careers/Staffing my staffing needs have been met with a professional, courteous team of staffing specialists who have done an excellent job in qualifying my candidates, for specific job assignments, resulting in excellent retention. No requirements needed to look for other temps that report to work everyday when SEEK candidates do it and get the job done. I'm looking forward to working with SEEK in the future." ~ Gary P., Schaefer Brush Manufacturing LLC, Production Supervisor


"I would highly recommend SEEK Careers/Staffing to anyone who is needing to fill positions. They have been responsive to my needs - especially when I need someone yet today or first thing the following morning. They have made a concerted effort to try to understand our business, the requirements for our positions and find candidates that will be successful. We have had our share issues with temps, and SEEK has stepped in quickly to resolve them." ~ Deb R., TCR Engineered Components LLC, HR Manager 


"We have had a wonderful working relationship with SEEK for many years. We are always pleased with the quality of staff we have encountered that SEEK sends us for our temporary positions."  
~ Melissa S., Cardinal Stritch University, Director of Human Resources/Payroll


"Of all the agencies I work with, none can compare to SEEK-Manitowoc. Response time is excellent. Cooperation within their organization is superb. A true team effort. Respect to our organization as the customer. Caring for the employees they place. I look forward to working with them in 2015."  ~ Gary S., The Metal Ware Corporation, Human Resources Manager


“I just wanted to provide you and your team with a little positive reinforcement and kudos.  SEEK has done an outstanding job sending over qualified candidates with skills that fit our needs within a very short notification period.  Your ability to quickly react to our needs strongly solidifies your partnership . . .  and our future together.  Thank you again, and keep the good candidates coming!” 

~ Chad R., Corporate Director of Human Resources


"SEEK has done a wonderful job with my temporary and placement hiring needs.  We have several full-time employees on staff that were referred by SEEK and have remained long-term employees."  ~ Kris W., HR Manager


“We really value our Partnership with the SEEK Fond du Lac branch office.  They have truly become part of our family.  I have worked with many temporary agencies over my career and I can honestly say that you have done the best job in getting the people with the right skill set and people to fit our unique culture."  ~ Joanne S., Mid-States Aluminum, Team Leader, HR


“I have found SEEK Careers/Staffing to be an excellent provider of employment candidates.  They have proven consistently to provide quality applicants on a very timely basis.  SEEK is very professional and a pleasure to work with." 

~ Larry M., Tom's Quality Millwork, Inc., General Manager


“I enjoy working with the SEEK Careers/Staffing West Bend office.  Their attention to detail is why I chose SEEK’s service when looking for new employees.   Many of the other staffing services lack the finesse that SEEK has."  ~ Christine


“Working with SEEK has been a pleasant experience.  Should a problem come up they are always right there to help in any way they can.  SEEK always has people to us in a one- or two-day turnaround and stops by regularly or calls to ensure things are going well." 

~ Kay V., Holland Cold Storage, Warehouse Manager


“SEEK has been very helpful in sending me great candidates for my temporary needs.  They have been on time and work hard.  I can rely on those associates when needed.  The SEEK staff have been cordial, understanding, and very helpful.  I can count on SEEK to fulfill my temporary needs for any shift that may be needed."  ~ Joe R. Waukesha Freeman


“I wanted to take a few moments to express how happy I am to be using SEEK as my temporary agency.  I started a relationship with SEEK only a few months ago and I’ve been very pleased with my overall experience.  I have excellent communication with your staff and I really appreciate having my staffing needs met so quickly.  Usually, I can count on receiving an email within two hours of who is to arrive at my site.  This makes my job much easier and I really appreciate it.  I’ve used other agencies and have been disappointed with their professionalisms and lack of communication.  I have interviewed other agencies at one of my sites.  I provided specific instructions to them as to where to arrive and what to do when they arrive in order to tour my facility.  We are an organization that works inside other companies and it is imperative that we do not disturb the personnel at the facilities we work in inside.  SEEK was the only temporary agency to follow my instruction and not worry about handing business cards out to the office personnel.  SEEK was more interested in my temporary staffing needs and asking a variety of questions on what type of individual would be best suited for the project I was working on.  I am pleased with the individuals that I receive from SEEK.  They are bright, pleasant and hardworking individuals.  I enjoy working with them and can utilize them on a variety of different projects.  I speak very highly of you and your staff. Keep up the good work!"

~ Lynn E., Stratosphere Quality, Project Supervisor


“When I started working here in 2006 I was overwhelmed with the amount of contact I was getting on a weekly basis from all the staffing agencies in the area.  We were using a local agency but it did not take long for me to realize that I needed to find a group that was better suited for my needs.  I remembered doing business with SEEK when I was the manager of manufacturing  in a woolen mill in Two Rivers, WI so I made the quick call to you.  What a good call it was.  You and your staff have a sense of urgency and a commitment to the customer that I really enjoy.  No matter how short of a notice I have given you, somehow the people at SEEK have always come through for me.  I think that actually goes without saying just by looking at the number of SEEK employees that are now full time employees with us.  I want to thank you and your entire staff for meeting our needs whenever called upon and with the best people that are available at the time.  I know for a fact that I have gotten follow up calls from people at your office on their day off and even on some vacation days to make sure that my help showed up on time.  No one could ever expect more!  Thank you again it is really a pleasure doing business with you." 

~  Bevco, Plant Manager


“SEEK has been Servicing Our Success for several years now.  Although we have other vendor partners, SEEK is our go-to vendor for all of our staffing needs regarding spikes in our customer orders.  Their staff members are quick, efficient, friendly, and go the extra mile to help us service the success of our customers. Without their quick, positive responses to our staffing needs, we may not be able to provide the high level of service that our customers have come to expect from our company.  I have very high expectations of all the vendors I work with.  SEEK has managed to meet and exceed those expectations on many occasions.  I look forward to continuing our partnership!" 

~ Emily, Johnson Level & Tool


“We are fairly new to using SEEK; however, it’s been a wonderful, relieving experience for me. It’s calming to talk with someone who is professional and experienced in the hiring side of business.  I feel confident that SEEK has done their due diligence in interviewing and testing their candidates before they go out for interviews or fill a positions, they get to know their candidates’ strong and weak points.  At the same time, if the candidate isn’t working out they are willing to work just as hard to keep searching. They support me in ways that are hard to explain, by listening very closely to what I am looking for in candidates, sharing concerns of finding the correct match and finding that place where everyone wins. In today’s world of business, customer service is the most important asset that companies strive for and I feel that SEEK’s staff live up to that day in and day out and beyond.  One of their added services was to interview the candidates at the SEEK building where I felt right at home."  ~ Becky H., Newman Chevrolet, Business Manager


“Although we solicited candidates from other agencies, SEEK quickly found the perfect candidate. Our new HR Manager has been with us nearly a year and we continue to be delighted."  ~ Robin C.


“I enjoy working with Micah, he is very reliable and we communicate well together.  I am confident he will fill our company needs."       

~ Connie C., GKN Sinter Metals, HR Manager


“SEEK has been wonderful to work with.  I can call for a request of a temp, not even giving 24 hours and get an answer and temp
showing up the next morning.  They really try to accommodate all of our needs." 

~ Amanda R., RaiseRite Concrete Lifting, Inc., Accounts Specialist/Safety Manager


“SEEK has given us great service and is always very dependable."  ~ Jason P., American Ring & Tool, Production Manager


“Relationships, whether they are professional or personal, are developed and are nourished with understanding and trust.  The key is that these two ingredients are required of both members of the relationship.  The SEEK team at the Manitowoc office has exceeded my expectations in our professional relationship.  They strive to provide quality candidates no matter what job I have available. Understanding our needs is of the utmost importance to them.  I trust their expertise.  Realistically, we are working with people and all are not motivated to be on time, be on time every day and do a full day’s work for a day’s pay; however, they are responsive when there is a problem.  They both understand me and know my frustrations when a temporary employee does not fulfill our needs.   Most important to me is that we have a professional relationship that has developed into a personal relationship.   It is truly a pleasure to work with the Manitowoc team in fulfilling our needs."  ~ Gary J., The Metal Ware Corp., Human Resources

"Since establishing a relationship with SEEK, my experience has been nothing but outstanding. From the initial meeting, the communication has been excellent and they have greatly exceeded my expectations. They took the time to tour my facility in order to understand exactly what I was looking for. Their timely placement of associates is unparalleled in comparison to any other staffing agency that I have worked with. I would highly recommend SEEK Careers/Staffing to anyone. Simply put, everything has been perfect!"

~ Greg Carroll, Plant Manager at Banks Hardwoods, Inc.


“We use SEEK Careers to help fill our staffing needs. We simply give them our skill requirements and they send someone over. In most cases we have hired the candidate permanently.  If the candidate is not a good fit, we simply don't have them come back and SEEK sends us someone else.  This saves us time and money since SEEK handles the search and interviewing.  Being able to work with the candidate before making them an employee allows us to determine if they are good fit for our work environment.  More often than not, they are because SEEK understands our needs and the types of candidates that work for us."  ~ Victoria R., Controller


“What do you like most about our services? We normally get quality employees. We in turn like to use this as a hiring tool to basically have a trial period, with the employee to eventually hire them on as Sofidel employees. We have had a lot of success with this practice. SEEK Careers also keeps up to our crazy demands if we need an employee at the last minute, they definitely follow through and send us one! I am COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH MY SERVICE FROM SEEK! Would you recommend our services to others? Why or why not? ABSOLUTELY YES! We get good quality help at a fair price with fast response time in sending us employees. I’m not exactly sure on how many years it has been since we have been with Seek. I’m thinking it is 10+ years. But I am completely satisfied with your staffing service and would not think of looking elsewhere unless I was told I had to by someone at the corporate level. I always use the motto “you get what you pay for” and I feel SEEK offers good quality employees at a fair rate. The staff will go above and beyond to take care of our needs and I greatly appreciate it!”

~ J. Riha, Office Manager

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