Helping Hands

Career Assistance

Introduced in the fall of 2015, Project REBOOT is a unique SEEK program that pairs donated steel-toed work boots with candidates in need.
When a candidate is looking for a job in an industrial environment
that requires special equipment and he/she doesn't have any,
that's where Project REBOOT steps in to fill in the gap. 
SEEK was honored to receive the American Staffing Associations Honorable Mention for their 2016 Care Award for our work on the Project Reboot program.
The Trainable Fit program gives you a competitive edge. Trainable Fit pairs potential candidates with skilled positions that may require specific training. We evaluate each candidate closely to see if they have the right skills, as well as mechanical and mathematical competencies, that make them a "close match". Using our program, we take a "close match" candidate and make him/her a perfect match for your business.